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Two panoramas from a four year project in a single field in North Essex. First shown at King's College Cambridge.

"It was a journey that explored a single location and helped me to recover a sense of where I was in life. I drew on the tradition that I felt most strongly about, of observed landscape, but I wanted to show that landscape painting - nature painting - could be modern. I would make six-feet-wide paintings like Constable, but they would be new. I began to work on ways that would help me paint nature in a fresh way and to help me make visual contact with this new place..."
Extract from 'Oak: one tree, three years, fifty paintings.' 

Spring, West Bergholt, England

signed limited edition of 95

315gsm fine acid free cotton paper

image  1902mm x 812mm / 6ft 3ins x 2ft 8ins
paper  2060mm x 1015mm / 6ft 9ins x 3ft 4ins 


Summer, West Bergholt, England

signed limited edition of 95

image  1830mm x 915mm / 6ft 3ins x 2ft 8ins
paper  1980mm x 1830mm /  6ft 9ins x 3ft 4ins

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Display at Gray's Inn Square, London.
"Stephen Taylor explores a range of styles to express different moods. My favourite is a wide landscape  of wheat, a man walking towards the artist along tractor tracks in the right-hand corner of the image while a pair of pigeons swoop above. The heads of wheat are painted with extraordinary detail and realism..."
Nick Gibbs, Living Woods, January 2012
Preparation of 800MB source file, Prudence Cuming, Dover Street, London.

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