I am the daughter of earth and water

oil on canvas, 860mm x 710mm

I am the daughter of Earth and Water, I change but I cannot die

The Cloud, Percy Bysshe Shelly, 1820


Study of clouds from a hut above the Rheidol, made over two summers. In the same place, in similar weather and at the same time of day, sky has recurring, characteristic colour groups and textures. This is particularly noticable to a painter returning to a site with a colour study made previously in similar conditions. I had noticed this many times in many places, but had never applied the idea to a cumulative study of clouds for a single painting before.

Shelly's lines celebrate constancy within change, an undervalued idea in art and life.

oil study

values, contrasts & edges for maximum brightness


rough composition at canvas size - internal illumination of oil study shows well
progress of underpainting
largest areas from colour study

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