glesni dyfroedd

furnace summer cloud

oil on canvas, 56 cms x  51 cms

glesni dyfroedd  means 'fresh blue-greenness of waters'. There are two Welsh words for green - glas (also meaning blue) and gwyrdd (used for plant growth). The suffix -ni turns both words into nouns.

Oil on board study.
 Some colours will be used as colour contexts, some for colour textures and some for glazes.  Method notes.


Photographic space
can be very unlike our experience of space, so I often adjust my photos to get closer to the experience. Here, I saw texture-planes not expressed by my 22mm lense. This sketch is one of several that set out those planes as a reminder for when I came to adjust the photos digitally. The adjusted space was then used for the painting.

• Image editing software usually calls such manipulations 'distortions', quietly reinforcing the mistake of regarding photographs as a touchstone of 'undistorted' visual truth. But the touch stone is what you see for yourself.


acrylic wash
darkest glazes

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