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Paintings made at Leeds University with Paul Gopal Chowdhury, using some methods from Euan Uglow derived from Coldstream, Sickert and nineteenth century French art. This tradition emphasizes 'determined visual relations' including careful colour comparison, the setting of keys and measuring relative to fixed points.

The approach can produce a faceted, luminous look which may look artificial, but which is part of a process that helps the student to construct strong images from direct perception. Over time, your reward is a sense of paintable reality, a grasp of how the way you work creatively constrains yet enlarges what you can say. 

What you do with such positive visual contact is up to you. I took from it a feeling that the visual world is a place of discovery. On the one hand observational method put the ego on the back seat, on the other it produced the confidence to paint and see new things.

I think Corot's injunction to "paint stupidly", without preconception but not without method, sums it up. 

All paintings in private collections except profile portrait, which is for sale, poa.

an early Welsh landscape

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