oil on canvas, 1580mm x 820mm

View from the summit of Plynlimon, the highest point of the Cambrian Mountains. This is the largest watershed in mid Wales and the source of the rivers Wye, Severn and Rheidol. Nant y Moch - 'The Pig's Stream' - reservoir is in the middle distance, at the head of the Rheidol valley.

There was silence all day on the day I made the study. Walking up I heard every detail of sound made by my feet in the snow. Perched under a ledge to work out of the breeze, I wore so many clothes I could hardly move. I painted quickly and time passed quickly. As I was finishing, I heard a sound that I'd never heard before: the wing beats of ravens as they flew slowly past in the cold, dense air.

charcoal layout

thin oil underpainting

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