London Zoo from Primrose Hill

oil on canvas, 1000mm x 800mm
Collection Prudential plc

Shown at Bernarducci. Meisel Gallery, 37 West 57th Street, New York, USA Industrial Landscapes in Contemporary Painting September 2005

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A view of London, created by a nineteenth century park, that shows the city within the natural world, among trees with distant hills under the common sky. Wind, clouds and sunlight create natural change: the air moves in different ways at different altitudes; shapes echo between sky and land. The painting was inspired by a view of London from Greenwich by JMW Turner (1809) now in Tate Britain.

The Great Aviary is next to Regent's Park Canal. Free birds, pigeons, fly away to the left. Beneath higher contrails a low flying jet runs into Heathrow, over a telecommunications tower, tall buildings, cranes and church spires. Man and nature seem to mix: in and out of the sun people sit on the grass, some self absorbed, others playing or talking.

It's a special, subrural view, loved for many years by Londoners and visitors alike and seen in many films.


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