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Placemking WFrnT

Placemaking and Painting

How we use pictures of
land t
o tell us where
and who we are.


Oaksin Senses WEBFrnT 

Oaks in the Senses

New Nature Realism
What do we see when we look at a tree?
What on Earth is there? 


article | pdf 


Violet Blackbirds

Colour perception and images of birds in photos, field guides and paintings. RSPB 'Birds' magazine.

SW 9pm WEBFrnT

Swallows at 9pm

Making a painting from                      
start to finish. 


article | pd

article | pdf

Ecstacy WFrnTEcstacy, landscape and secularism

An unusual experience and landscape painting.



reviews & comment


Etemp Desc WEBFrnt1 Da Hier ist ein Baum
 (presence is a tree)

 Rosario Gianino, 

 Philosphical review of
 the Oak project.

WEEKENDER FrontthumbDer Eichenmann 
(the oakman)

Jona Piehl

The Weekender
Number 5, Spring 2012
interview  BUY HERE                                                                                 

Italian pdf | English translation

|  English translation 


Ad BCL FRONTOur Landscape:
paint it or loose it

Alain de Botton

CountryLife, March 2009 

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