stream of living water

oil on canvas, 52ins x 20ins, 1320mm x 510mm

Below a weir, the Rheidol narrows and accelerates over grey and peat coloured rocks. The water changes colour constantly, heaving and flickering like nothing else on Earth. 

I remembered a school hymn: "...where streams of living water flow, my ransomed soul he leadeth", and a half remembered vision of Christopher Marlow's Faustus  -"...see, see, Christ's Blood streams in the firmament."

I saw a link between the human and the natural world that reason found hard to accept. But the words captured the idea that sight presents an image that exists between the outer and the inner worlds.

I would make a painting about the emerging colours of the central stream. 







oil study on the spot : colours in the top half were painted in comparison with the bright water running through the middle of the view.

The colours in the lower half came from first looking at the less bright light reflected to the side of the main current.

Each range brings out different characteristics of the water which will be combined in the painting.

SLW2 WEB drawing Stephen Taylor   drawing on canvas : triple primed fine linen to give a smooth surface for glazes.
SLW3 WEB Stephen Taylor   first underpainting: a straight line of yellow cotton helps visualise the flow pattern and get a first idea of the image.
SLW6 web Stephen taylor

  glaze base : a coloured reflecting surface on which thin dark glazes will re-create the deepest colours from the oil studies.