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Seeing Water WEB       

Seeing Water

'Almost these mindless waters work
as though they had a soul'
                                                  Rudyard Kipling 

New projects

• Rheidol Valley

Hale Fen



Oak WEB Small

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Pleasures And Sorrows WEB

Chapter six has an account of the artist at work.

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Oak Catalogue front 

Catalogue available £7.00 sterling incl p&p EU,
£10.00 p&p rest of the World, through contact page.
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Blow Up Cat WEB

Blow Up, New Painting and Photoreality

Catalogue cover Jason Brooks. Artists included
Ross Hansen, Clive Head, Ben Johnson,
Masakatsu Kondo, John Salt, Stephen Taylor.





       •  SEEING WATER :  A Welsh River. Date to come. 8, Duke Street Saint James's,
          London. All enquiries through contact page from this site please.

  • September 16th - 21st  2017  The Quay Gallery, Snape, Suffolk Water Everywhere painting class annual show.

  • June 12th 2017 : South West London Arts Society lecture, Maps and British Painting,  8.00pm Dryburgh Hall, Putney Leisure Centre, Upper Richmond, London.
  • June 8th 2017 : South Wales Arts Society lecture, Maps and British Painting,  2.00pm Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.
  • May 11th 2017: West Cornwall Arts Society lecture, Geography of Art Series : Maps and Rocks in British Painting,  7.30 Zennor Lecture Theatre, Penwith College,  Penzance.
  • PAINTING CLASSES : at Dedham, Essex, from October 7th 2017 - details HERE.
  • July 16th 2016 : John Clare Society Festival 2016, Helpston, near Peterborough. 9.30 onwards. Exibition of prints .
  • May 2015 Huffington Post : Oak is one of 8 books to read over a long holiday.
  • March 2nd, 2014 : Dedication. The Bishop of Stepney dedicated new panels for the altar of St. Bartholomew's, Craven Park Rd, Stamford Hill, London. 

    St Barts Events WEB

  • July 2013 field trip: water in Rheidol valley

  • December 2012 presentation of a painting of malting barley to The Brewers Company, Brewers' Hall, City of London

    Brewers Hall Best 

  • July 2012 New Zealand: talks including Friends of Te Papa, National Gallery,  Wellington on Walter Sickert & Nelson DFAS on the Oak project.

  • 18th April 2012 6.30 for 7.00pm talk and book signing at The Idler Academy, 81 Westbourne Park Road, W2 London   
  • 22nd March 2012.6.00pm Talk and book signing at Belgravia Books, 59 Ebury Street, SW1 London   

  • Spring 2012, The Weekender :Der Eichenmann, interview with Jona Piehl 
    Der Brite Stephen Taylor hat drei Jahre lang ein und dieselbe Eiche auf einem Feld in East Anglia gemalt. Begegnung mit einem genauen Beobachter. Buy here (issue/ausgabe 5)
  • January/February 2012 Field trip : water in the Rheidol valley. 


          Princeton Architectural Press, New York, USA: Publisher's information

Reviews & comment:

Oprah Winfrey Book of The Week and one of 40 books to read before you're 40 : "Some books show you how to laugh, some show you how to think, but, every once a while, one will show you how to live. The exquisite Oak: One Tree, Three Years, and Fifty Paintings follows of the story of artist Stephan Taylor who decided to paint the same oak tree in the English countryside every day for three years.... As the oak changes by the month or hour, the surrounding environment changes.... A singular plant becomes a talisman for the passage of time and seasonsand you, as viewerbegin to change too, becoming more observant and aware of the tiny yet enormous natural transformations that take place each day and minute. Seeingin the truest senseis the lesson here, one that's taught with such elegance that you'll be bewitched into stopping and contemplating the birch or maple in your own yard that's servingas T.S. Elliot once described treesas "the still point of the turning world."   

New Statesman Picture Book of The Week :
"...and in all weathers. The result of this gentle fanaticism is what he describes as a 'journey that explored a single location'". p49 January 2 2012

The Guardian  : "... paintings of that particular tree he made during three years, and the journey of light and colour on which it sent him"

Read more here

Art and Architechture Journal :     " Taylor is no romantic...The sensibility... is a contemporary one, exacting yet without cold scientific analysis, and stripped of the affectations and self-conscious post-stylistic mindset of the 'post-contemporary'... 

Read more here

Huffington Post, Martin Newman: "... full of analysis of sunlight and shadow, of gradients of paint and how the eye plays tricks on the mind. It is the diary of an artisan, obsessive in its chronicling of technique and the thought processes that led to the final image.

But on personal details it is scant..."

Read more here     and in The Daily Mirror  here 

A-N Magazine  : " Taylor's mix of observation and digital innovation invites a reassessment of British landscape painting - finding new relationships with nature on our own doorstep." p.24 February 2012

A Common Reader: "... observation stripping away preconcieved ideas of "oak tree" and replacing them with wholly new discoveries..."

Read more here 

Morning News: "Oak: One Tree, Three Years, Fifty Paintings is a profound treatise on beauty, change, and the enormous challenge of seeing the real world clearly."

Read more here  

Joe Moran's Blog: " John Mollon, professor of neuroscience at the University of Cambridge, has described Taylor's work as 'parsing nature'. I wish I could notice the day as it passes as lovingly and perceptively as Taylor does in these paintings. My days hurry by in a homogeneous haze of fluorescent strip lighting and computer screen glow."

Read more here

Essex County Standard : " Red Lion Books, Colchester, owner Peter Donaldson said   "It is a unique book the likes of which we haven't seen before." p73 November 25 2011 

The Guardian : Robert Macfarlane on new perspectives on trees: " ...elsewhere, the painter Stephen Taylor continues his remarkable...study of the same oak tree in Essex..."

Read more here 

  • October 2010 - Summer 2011: Lived one meter below sea level in a small house on the fens painting water and writing 'Oak'.

   Fen Baseview WEB





  • August and September 2010: Lecture tour, Australia and New Zealand. Topics: Observation, material and imagination in John Constable; Trompe L'oeil and interiors. 
  • Alain de Botton's The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work published in 2009, has a chapter on the working practices of the artist :

    "...It is the close of an exceptionally hot summer day. Taylor is outside in his field, preparing to work through the night.
    The moon is rising above the nearby village of West Bergholt, a view which he spent four and a half years painting before shifting to the richer possibilities of a single tree..."                                                                                                                                      

  Ffab UK1 Copy






  • Mark Jason Gallery, New Bond Street, London
    "Scapes", group show
    28th June - 23 July 2004
  • St Paul's Gallery, Northwood Street , Birmingham, U.K.
    " Blow Up" New painting and photoreality.
    February - April 2004 (Catalogue available from  info@stpaulsgallery.com )

    St Pauls Preview
  • Vertigo
    "30x30" group show
    December 2003
  • Vertigo
    "Paperwork" group show
    August 2003
  • The Blue Gallery, Great Sutton Street , London.
    "Landscape" group show
    October 2003
  • Vertigo, Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London.
    "Landscape" group show
    Spring 2003
  • King's College Cambridge, The Arts Centre.
    One man show focusing on a single field near West Bergholt on the Essex/Suffolk border - (Catalogue) Spring 2002

  Kings Cat WEB 

         King's College, Cambridge catalogue



  • Weekender  magazine, Spring 2012 (buy),  Der Eichenmann, interview with Jona Phiel
  • Tree News magazine of The Tree Council, Spring/Summer 2012, Covenant with an Oak
  • Country Life magazine, March 25th 2009, Our Landscape : Paint it or loose it, Alain de Botton. 
  • Standpoint magazine, March 2009, Drawing Board feature. 
  • Essex Life magazine, February 2008, An Eye on Nature, Caroline Foster
  • Birds, August-October 2008, magazine of The Royal Society for The Protection of Birds, Violet Blackbirds.
  • AJRI, American Journal of Reproductive Immunology, September 2005, Essex University conference welcome feature.
  • Church Building, May/June 2004, The Hospitality of Abraham feature.



  • Art London, Chelsea With Vertigo Gallery (below) Summer 2006



  • Art London, Chelsea
    With Vertigo Gallery
    Summer 2005
  • Art London, Chelsea, June 2004
    With Vertigo Gallery
  • London Art fair, Islington, January 2004
    With Vertigo Gallery
  • 20/21 British Art Fair 2003, Kensington.
    With The Blue Gallery
  • Art London, Chelsea, Summer 2003
    With Vertigo Gallery
  • Olympia, London, Spring 2003
    With Mark Jason Fine Art, New Bond Street, London




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